Zunch Labs – 4G/LTE Solar Video/Camera/Fixed Lens

4G/LTE Solar powered Video/Camera for use in remote areas - Fixed/Adjustable position, 164' range, No WiFi required

Product Terms

Base Price $492.00
1 Time Hardware Cost $472.00
Monthly Subscription Fee $20.00
$492.00 Total before taxes and shipping


Scan up to a distance of 162′ to reduce the chances of theft, increase monitoring, and ensure productivity while remaining transparent and reliable with this solution.

With an integrated intercom system, night vision, remote playback, and extremely rugged design, this package is the perfect camera for all business needs, regardless of size.

Solution Features: 
  • Infrared/night vision laser distance of 162′ (~50M)
  • Subwoofer intercom system
    • 15 meters recording/60 meters sound
  • 12V 10AH battery
  • Optional solar panel use (50W*2)
    • Works for up to 2 days without sunlight
  • Ruggedized exterior  to withstand any environment
    • IP66 Waterproof
    • 7in. Aluminum alloy shell
  • Mobile remote playback, control, and image capture
  • Built-in surge protection
  • Push alarms via SMS and/or email
  • Up to 64GB SD Card storage
Recommended for:
  • Remote operations/Property management
  • Schools/College Campuses
  • Offices and Parking lots
  • Manufacturing/Construction job sites for workplace safety
  • Playgrounds
  • Warehouses
  • Retail sales/Supermarkets/Malls
  • Agriculture/Farms
  • … and much more!
Optional features & warranty information 

Solar panels are an optional selection for those looking to use renewable resources and save costs through energy-use reduction. Wireless capabilities include 4G LTE and GPS.

1-Year limited warranty support on hardware. Hardware and software maintenance included.

*SD Card not included.

Please speak to a representative or contact us via this form for a personalized quote.

Zunch Labs-4G/LTE Solar Video/Camera - Basic Fixed

Key Features:

  • Fixed Adjustable Positioning
  • Motion Detection
  • Subwoofer Intercom System (15 Meters Recording/60 Meters Sound)
  • Solar Powered 50W
  • Battery 12V 10AH (3 days power supply)
  • Harsh Environment Support
  • IP66 Waterproof
  • 7-Inch Aluminum Alloy Shell
  • Mobile Remote
  • Image Capture
  • Remote Video Playback
  • Push Alarms Via SMS and/or Email
  • 64GB Capacity TF Card Storage
  • Laser Infrared Distance 164’ (50 M)
  • Working temperature -40 degree C ~ 70 degree C
  • Built-In Surge Protection

Zunch Labs - 4G/LTE Solar Video/Camera Software

Software features:

  • Real-time surveillance
  • Single, user-friendly interface to manage all cameras
  • Set action plans for motion/human detection
  • Historical recording retrieval & playback
  • User management
  • Available on iOS/Android/Desktop
  • Two-way audio communication from apps

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