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Waste Level Management Sensor

Product Terms

$129.00 / year Total before taxes and shipping


Dingtek Waste Level solution features:
  • LoRaWAN connection allows you to monitor level status remotely
  • Internal battery life is 3+ years at 4 hours interval upload
  • With application software, users can assign the collector resource work and route plan.

Trash Bin Detector

Weight 150g
Dimension 115*115*50mm
Detection Range 200cm
Accuracy of height 3mm
Fire Alarm Default 65°C ± 5° C trigger (optional 75°C ± 5°C trigger)
Blind Zone 15cm
Accuracy of fall (angle) 2° (optional)
Operating Temperature -20 ~ +70℃
Storage Temperature -40 ~ +85℃
IP Rating IP66
Internal Battery ER18505M non-recharged Lithium Battery 7000mAh @ 3.6V
Lifetime for one charge 5 years at 4 hours report interval
Current <210mA@3.6V(uploading), <100mA@3.6V(normal), <20ua @3.6V (sleep)

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