READY Fleet – Distracted Driving Fleet Management

Ready Fleet – Distracted Driving Fleet Management

Product Terms

Base Price $115.00
1 Time Hardware Cost $100.00
Monthly Subscription Fee $15.00
$115.00 Total before taxes and shipping






Fleet management has never been so easy! For vehicles with an OBD2 port, use our plug-and-play device to access vehicle diagnostic information helping you reduce cost, improve efficiencies, and proactively manage vehicle maintenance.

Distracted Driving Prevention

Identify distracted drivers, risky behavior – improve driver behavior. Driver scorecards allow you to review drivers’ weekly stats for phone usage and harsh driving events.

Simple Self-Installation

Fleet managers or drivers can install these devices on their own in minutes. The device automatically pulls the vehicle’s VIN, make, model, and year – enabling efficient management of your assets.

Vehicle Alerts and Notifications

Manage reporting through the online portal or with our mobile app. Plug-and-play devices provide insight into your vehicle’s health and performance including diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs), engine temperature alerts, manufacturer recalls, and battery voltage. Receive alerts via email, text or push notifications to help you proactively manage your company’s vehicles.

Scheduled Maintenance

Get started with the OEM-recommended maintenance schedule. You can add or adjust scheduled maintenance at any time. Ready Fleet also allows external notifications – send a text or email alert to your mechanic when it’s time to order parts and schedule maintenance.

The OBD2 device is a true plug & play for small to medium-sized vehicles that provides measurable ROI. This device is a best-in-class, easy to install solution that will immediately optimize your fleet, saving you time and money.

  • Fuel Monitoring
  • Fuel Level Percentage
  • Fuel Economy
  • Fuel Usage
  • 3-Axis Accelerometer
  • Ignition On/Off
  • Device Removal
  • Vehicle Maintenance Reporting
  • Vehicle Trouble Codes (DTC)
  • OBD Vehicle Data Reporting
  • Check Engine Light
  • Vehicle Battery Voltage
  • Engine Coolant Temperature
  • Plug & Play
  • Small rugged enclosure for durability
  • 200 MAh battery
  • Extension cable available for device concealment
  • User-friendly interface
  • Cloud-based platform accessible across multiple devices
All Ready Fleet products include:
  • 5-second Reporting
  • Custom Reports
  • Driver Behavior Monitoring and Alerts
  • Maintenance alerts
  • White-Glove In-House Support
  • Impact Notifications
  • Easily Expandable
  • Geofencing

Ready Fleet - MF3030 OBD2 Device

  • Plug-and-play gateway included providing long-range coverage in a wide range of indoor facilities. Combines the technology of the LTE network and robustness of the LoRa Radio Network to deliver a single connection point for wireless networks.
  • A gateway plugged in a standard indoor environment covers up to a 1000 ft radius.

Ready Fleet Subscription

Software Features: 

  • Distracted Driving Prevention 
    • Pinpoint and identify distracted drivers, risky behavior to enable driver coaching
  • Real-time Location Tracking
    • Stay informed as to where your drivers are throughout the day and route vehicles with current traffic in mind, through real-time GPS tracking and traffic awareness
  • Vehicle Health 
    • Keep track of scheduled maintenance, battery health, engine temperature alerts, fuel levels and diagnostic trouble codes for your vehicles. With real-time notifications, you’ll be able to keep your vehicles on the road and your customers happy!
  • Custom Alerts & Notifications
    • Easily setup custom alerts and notifications for your fleet and stay up to date in real time.
  • Reporting
    • Keep costs under control with visibility into fuel usage, idle time and fill-ups.
  • Access your reports via web or mobile apps 

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