READY Connect – Simplifi 4G LTE Work From Home Solution

8GB 4G LTE Work From Home Solution (12-month subscription)

Product Terms

Base Price $100.00
1 Time Hardware Cost $50.00
Monthly Subscription Fee $50.00
$100.00 Total before taxes and shipping


Protect your business continuity and always keep your employees connected with the affordable and easy to install pop up Internet connectivity solution from Ready Wireless.

The power and ease of this 4G LTE 8GB wireless solution is a fail-safe for remote workers and remote office locations when simple and effective IT solutions matter.

Use Cases
  • Work From Home Mandate
  • Mobile/Traveling Employees
  • Temporary Connectivity For Office Relocation
The Solution

A Reliable Work-Only Connection Anywhere A Cellular Signal is Available

The first thing we all need to work remotely is reliable and secure internet connectivity. Most of us do not have the same speeds or bandwidth in our homes as we have in our workplaces. Add users who are gaming, performing online learning, and streaming, causing our home networks to degrade rapidly.

A Secure Encrypted Connection That Is Plug & Play

READY Broadband provides multiple levels of security. Cellular connections are encrypted, highly secure, and nearly impossible to hack. For those who connect devices over WiFi, the unit has WPA and WPA2 encryption. READY broadband allows organizations to very simply create a secure VPN tunnel between a remote router (and home network) and private network back in the office.

Installation is Simple

IT tools need to be powerful and perform the tasks we need them to, but they also need to be simple to use, especially for the end-user, often a worker at home who just needs to get a secure internet connection. To do this we make our routers incredibly simple and with our pre-configured setup, you can add the router to your network in a few easy steps.

Ensure Employees Are Working When Home

For employers, there is always the risk that employees are not working from home, or when they are on-line, they are distracted by all sorts of entertainment so widely available to us on-line. With READY Broadband you can identify how long a device was on the network and measure its data through-put.


*Please note: This product is a 12-month subscription. If subscription payment is unmet, $500.00 charge will incur*

Ready Connect- WFH Router

  • Plug-and-play gateway included to provide long range coverage in a wide range of indoor facilities. Combines the technology of the LTE network and robustness of the LoRa Radio Network to deliver a single connection point for wireless networks.
  • A gateway plugged in a standard indoor environment covers up to a 1000 ft radius.

Ready Connect Cloud Management Subscription

Your solution READY Connect – Simplifi 4G LTE Work From Home Solution includes Ready Connect Cloud Management Subscription.

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