PIMMAP – Contactless Temperature Solution

Infrared & Contactless Temperature Sensor

Product Terms

Base Price $3478.95
1 Time Hardware Cost $3429.00
Monthly Subscription Fee $49.95
1,000 Monthly Allowance Scan Package* $3478.95
2,500 Monthly Allowance Scan Package* $3508.95
5,000 Monthly Allowance Scan Package* $3528.95
1,000 Monthly Allowance Scan Package* $3478.95
2,500 Monthly Allowance Scan Package* $3508.95
5,000 Monthly Allowance Scan Package* $3528.95
$3478.95 Total before taxes and shipping


PIMMAP measures & analyzes temperature to identify individuals who may have a fever.

PIMMAP’s new temperature sensor solution utilizes an 8in. HD panel to recognize and measure the temperature of an individual viewed-on screen using 2 separate methods (infrared camera and accurate wireless thermal scanning). The results are displayed on the screen to show who does and doesn’t have a fever.

Solution Features:
  • Thermal infrared camera and facial recognition analysis
  • Scans for signs of fatigue, watery eyes, and other flu-like symptoms using a secure, server-based solution
  • Non-intrusive and user-friendly
  • Contactless digital thermometer
  • Zero-waste
  • No temperature strip, disposable plastic cap/ thermometer reader
  • Up to 40 scans per minute
  • Scans can be captured 3′-5′ from the device
  • Accurate temperature readings of +/- 0.36°F
  • Easy setup and installation can be connected using Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or LTE
How it Works:

Individuals walk up to a PIMMAP device; within a second, the monitor’s delay will generate a reading showing whether the individual has a fever or not. They can then decide to visit a health facility to have further testing.

Recommended for:
  • High traffic areas to measure temperatures of individuals entering rooms or venues
  • Kiosks/stations in schools, offices, sports arenas, government buildings, parks, factories, gyms, stores. hospitals, airports, train stations, movie theaters, and much more!
The IoT Factory also offers the following monthly scan allowance subscription:

*Please note: This plan includes a maximum of 1,000 scans a month.

PIMMAP - Infrared Temperature Sensor Hardware

Device Features:

  • Non-invasive and reliable
  • 8″ HD IPS Screen – 16.7M colors
  • Compact Product Size: 9 x 4.75 x 1.25in
  • Thermal infrared camera and facial recognition system
  • Durable metal protective case

PIMMAP 1,000 Monthly Allowance Scan Software

Track activity and gain insights in real-time to manage data across all devices

Software Features:

  • Securely transfer data to cloud servers
  • Remotely troubleshoot technical difficulties
  • Push notifications and edit features
  • Apply software updates
  • Unique and secure IP address per device
  • Custom APN
  • IPSec VPN connection
  • Daily & weekly backups

Peplink MAX BR1 Mini Router

No internet access? No problem.

Included in your solutions is the industrial-grade MAX BR1 Mini LTE router. It is able to support a wide range of cellular standards and worldwide frequencies.

Industrial-Grade 4G-LTE Router

  • Rugged 4G LTE router with add-on automatic failover
  • Out-of-Band management, IoT, and M2M telemetry
  • Add-On WAN capabilities
  • Redundant SIM slots for multiple carriers
  • Fleet Tracking & Management
  • Terminal block and secure power supply

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