Nova Mobile Systems – Wired 4G LTE Asset Tracker

Wired 4G LTE Asset Tracker

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Base Price $99.78
1 Time Hardware Cost $87.78
Monthly Subscription Fee $12.00
$99.78 Total before taxes and shipping


The NMS810-CM is an extremely versatile 4G LTE tracking device. With this asset tracker, operations managers monitor the location and status of vehicles, heavy machinery, and other mobile assets. The NMS810-CM connects multiple sensors for monitoring key conditions like operating temperature and vehicle speed. Multiple outputs are utilized for external device or vehicle system control. Additionally, Cat. M1 & NB1 capabilities keep data cost low and offers increased performance indoors.

Key Hardware Features:
  • Tracking
    • Sends real-time vehicle location & speed
  • Backup Battery (optional)
    • 300mAh with low battery warning and disconnect alert system
  • Programmable Alerts
    • Customizable geofencing, over the speed limit, high / low-temperature ranges, device movement, and more.
  • 3-Axis Accelerometer
    • Detect trip start/end, report harsh braking, acceleration, and impact upon collision.
  • Message Store & Forward 
    • Up to 300 messages or alerts
  • Deep Sleep Power Saving Mode 
    • Ultra-low consumption when the vehicle engine is off or the device is at rest. It can be controlled via SMS.
  • Monitor & Control
    • Multiple I/O connections suit a variety of needs.
  • Geofencing Capabilities
    • Set boundaries and receive alerts whenever a vehicle has crossed the perimeter
  • OTA (Over the Air)
    • Firmware can be upgraded via TCP.
Key Hardware Benefits:
  • Low cost / easy to use
  • Simple / discrete installation
  • Unauthorized use tracking
  • Mileage & driver behavior monitoring
Recommended for:
  • Fleet managers
  • Healthcare & Emergency services
  • Retail & Hospitality services
  • Security Sectors
  • Heavy Machinery Dealers & Rentals
  • Agriculture
  • Property & office managers

NMS - Wired 4G LTE Asset Tracker Hardware

The NMS810-CM is an extremely versatile 4G LTE tracking device.

This solution allows companies to minimize risks associated with vehicle fleet management through improved efficiency and productivity.

It can be used as fleet management solution to keep track of where your vehicles are or used as a vehicle recovery system if it crosses the set geofence boundary.

Key Solution Features:
  • Real-time GPS location– Identify and track the location of vehicles in real-time from anywhere.
  • Alerts & reporting – Simplify operations with automatic reports for fuel efficiency, driver behavior and more.
  • Geofence capabilities – Draw any shape on the map and receive real time alerts if the vehicle enters or exits specific areas.
  • Driver behavior – Receive real-time speeding, harsh braking or other alerts, via email or SMS text.
  • Trailer tracking – Protect trailers and cargo from theft with instant alerts straight to your phone.
  • Ignition on/off – Receive instant alerts for unauthorized use, ignition ON/OFF outside of working hours.
  • Trip history & reports – Track all Trip History with address, date, time, location, estimated miles and fuel used.
  • Preventative maintenance -Monitor conditions and performance of fleet vehicles to reduce the likelihood of failures.
  • Tamper resistant – Devices featuring a small footprint are built to resemble part of the original vehicle and deter from tampering or removal.
  • Predictive telematics – Quickly and easily set reports and alerts to stop problems before they occur.
  • Fast track recovery mode – Quickly locate, track and recover high-risk assets.

NMS - NovaAssure Asset Management Platform

The NovaAssure portal helps automate some of the processes involved in tracking and managing IT assets and helps organizations avoid difficult or costly operational issues.

NovaAssure can help control costs by tracking daily and weekly use to ensure that organizations are aware of upcoming maintenance and reallocating unused assets to help refine operation trends. Nova’s asset management software can also track how a company uses specific equipment and hardware over time, which allows users to make more strategic purchases and operational decisions for their organizations.


The NovaAssure Asset Management Platform allows you to:

  • View GPS location updates
  • View in-depth, real-time or historical reports for trip history, fuel efficiency, etc.
  •  View driver behavior alerts such as speeding, harsh braking, and other alerts via email or SMS text
  • Set geofence boundaries
  • Receive instant alerts from unauthorized use

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