Nova Mobile Systems – SeeAssure™ Vehicle Dash Cam

SeeAssure HD 1080p Vehicular Dash Camera

Product Terms

Base Price $584.00
1 Time Hardware Cost $549.00
Monthly Subscription Fee $35.00
$584.00 Total before taxes and shipping


Nova Mobile Systems’ cellular-connected vehicle cameras and remote tracking system act as the first line of defense against high claims costs and litigation while protecting your fleet of vehicles from false driving allegations. This solution is well-suited for a wide range of commercial and private applications from public transportation and school buses to corporate fleets.

The dashcam features the highest quality HD 1080p video with fully integrated GPS and driver behavior alerts to assist fleet managers in staying informed.

Solution Features: 
  • 360° field of view
  • Quick & easy installation
  • Video / Data transfer
  • Secure & automated
  • Smart sensor-equipped
  • Telematics integration
  • GPS location tracking
  • Audio recording
  • Driver behavior alerts
Solution Benefits:
  • Event-based video capture for improved driver performance
  • Monitor asset damage/loss
  • Protect company & driver against litigation
  • Monitor & manage driver distraction
  • RFID & automated passenger counting

NMS - SeeAssure Vehicle Dash Cam

High definition real-time vehicular video recording. Remotely review collisions, near misses and distracted driving events with full HD / 1080p footage that is automatically uploaded to the NovaAssure cloud-based platform. NovaAssure tags critical events and identifies high-risk behavior; sending alerts to fleet managers in real-time. Identify your drivers location at a specific time and review the footage to see what actually happened with any single event.

Hardware features:
  • Custom two camera system, external 1080p camera NMS6D-M and Infrared internal 720P camera NMS6D-S to protect the driver’s safety
  • Supports 4G LTE, Bluetooth, WIFI, 6 axis G-Sensor
  • Combines vehicle history with video
  • SD card video storage, maximum support 128GB, anti-theft function
  • Patented file system to protect passengers’ privacy
  • Heavy duty industrial design, aluminum alloy shell
  • Compact size, light weight. It can be pasted to the glass on the rear side of rear view mirror, which will not affect the drivers view
  • Quickly investigate incidents at a specific time to see what happened with each event.

Nova SeeAssure™ Vehicular Video Management System

With Nova’s fully integrated event-based vehicular video system, managers can review collisions, near-misses, and distracted driving events with full HD/ 1080p footage that is automatically uploaded to the NovaAssure platform.

Nova’s SeeAssure™ Vehicular Video Management System is well suited for a wide range of commercial and private applications; from public transportation and school buses to corporate events.

The management system also features artificial intelligence which helps to detect drivers who are falling asleep, smoking, and more. Drivers and managers are alerted in real-time with audio and visual playback. Video of each incident is automatically uploaded and saved for later review on the NovaAssure platform.

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