WheriTrack Man Down Alert Device with Panic Button

WheriTrack Man Down Alert Device with Panic Button and Live GPS Tracking

Product Terms

Base Price $163.95
1 Time Hardware Cost $149.00
Monthly Subscription Fee $14.95
$163.95 Total before taxes and shipping


WheriTrack is a tracking device that enables you to locate your people and your resources using its efficient and technically sophisticated GPS tracker.

The WheriTrack® device is coupled with wireless service and a SaaS based user interface. The system provides the industrial enterprise the ability to monitor employee safety through live monitoring and alerting capabilities we provide such as fall detection or man-down sensing and a panic button which can be used to signal for help or status.

The combination of our WheriTrack® device, user software and alerting functions gives our enterprise customers an easy to deploy, truly “out of the box” solution to immediately improve both their risk profile and overall operations.

WheriTrack Solution Features:
  • Panic button that can be used to signal help or status
  • Fall detection
  • Ergonomic housing
  • Customizable device settings to manage device report rate, battery use profile, etc.
  • Cloud-hosted SaaS-based user interface via web application
    • Real-time mapping and interval reporting that allows managers to stay up to date with fall detection and panic button alerts
    • Historical data
    • Visuals for event validation
  • Notifications via SMS text, email, and desktop
This solution is perfect for employees working in:
  • Potentially hazardous industrial settings
  • Railyards
  • Construction Sites
  • Quarries & Surface mines
  • Oil & Gas Facilities
  • Law enforcement & Security
  • Port authorities
  • …and any other large industrial or distribution facilities

Wherible GPS - Software

The Wherible dashboard gives you complete control over your Wherible device by allowing you to setup numerous text alerts to an unlimited number of people. These features have been designed with you in mind, and give you flexibility to design your Wherible solution in a way that will best meet your needs to give you peace-of-mind … when life happens.

Wherible GPS software features:

  • Device groups: monitor the location of your Wherible device or a group of devices
  • Geofences: set up unique boundaries for your device to alert you when there’s movement into and out of specific locations
  • Fall Detection: create unique time, location, and alert settings to receive notifications when a fall is detected
  • Panic button: create custom monitoring to alert you when the panic button is pushed on your Wherible device

Wherible Panic Button / Fall Detection Device

The Wherible Fall Detection solution provides safety for Seniors and Industrial Workers by processing and sending text message alerts in the instance of a fall, pushed panic button, and low battery.

Hardware Features:

  • Device Naming & Shift Alerts: Create a unique name for each device that best fits with your process
  • Device Groups: Assign devices to work teams or shifts to monitor groups of people at a glance
  • Mapping: Create unique maps and geofences by device or group
  • Location History: See where your residents/ staff has been over variable time settings

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