Mako – Wireless Unlimited/1GB Data Plan Solutions

Secure Connectivity Solution 1GB Data with 6600-M

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Base Price $110.00
1 Time Hardware Cost $0.00
Monthly Subscription Fee $110.00
Mako - Secure Wireless Solution 1GB $110.00
Mako - Secure Wireless Solution Unlimited Data $159.00
Mako - Secure Wireless Solution 1GB $110.00
Mako - Secure Wireless Solution Unlimited Data $159.00
$110.00 Total before taxes and shipping


Mako System with Mako 6600-M and 1GB Data Plan

The Mako System delivers a range of powerful services to help create, secure, and enhance the capabilities of business networks. The Mako 6600 hardware along with the cloud-based Central Management System provides PCI secure, non-stop retail networks ideal for distributed enterprises, remote, and mobile offices. Businesses can utilize the 1GB data plan as a failover.

Main Features:

  • 24×7 cloud-based configuration, reporting, and diagnostics via the Mako Central Management System (CMS) web application
  • Create end-to-end PCI DSS certified networks
  • Low latency, high throughput performance
  • SD-WAN broadband connectivity via LTE, Ethernet, fiber, or xDSL at up to 1Gbit transfer speeds
  • The built-in dual-SIM multi-carrier cellular module
  • User-defined SD-WAN fast failover for seamless High Availability
  • Four physical network segments, plus VLAN support
  • Up to four Wi-Fi networks
  • Stateful inspection firewall
  • Integrated zone router
  • Mako VPN Cloud SD-WAN tunneling and encrypted IPSec VPN tunneling
  • MFA remote access VPNs
  • Realtime email status alerts of potential network issues
  • Detailed usage reporting via the Mako CMS portal on all internet activity
  • Mako Guardian content filtering
  • Enterprise configuration templates for zero-touch deployment
  • Sealed, tamper-evident unit with no moving parts and high heat tolerance
  • 24×7 technical support
  • Optional Merchant PCI service assists with annual SAQ filings and other actions needed to demonstrate PCI compliance
  • Optional Mako Voice service provides complete telephony solution with phones or utilizing existing equipment

The perfect solution for:

  • Permanent retail and restaurants with wired broadband
  • Temporary locations, construction sites, food trucks, etc.
  • Seasonal locations, tax preparation, Halloween, and Christmas
  • Kiosks

4G connectivity is provided by the 1GB Data Plan through an LTE CAT 6 Modem (high speed).

For Static IP addresses, please add the Static IP Address to your cart to purchase.

Requires 36-month contract

Mako 6600-M

  • Engineered to perform
    • The 6600-M continues Mako’s legacy of design innovation, building on the highly secure 6500 platform and incorporating new features that deliver faster, more flexible business networking. With a sealed, tamper-proof case, no moving parts and high heat tolerance, the 6600-M stands up to tough network environments like petroleum, QSRs and retail. The 6600 series adds a dual-SIM LTE module, higher transfer speeds, more efficient VPN performance and an SFP port, allowing for multi-WAN configurations (SD-WAN) while retaining four physically-segmented LAN ports.
  • PCI DSS Certified
    • The entire Mako System—including the 6600‐M appliance, our wireless networking technology, the Central Management System and our onboard software—is PCI DSS certified from end‐to‐end, providing peace of mind and security for businesses that accept credit cards. Mako’s PCI-certified wireless networking technology is a perfect fit for wireless and tablet‐based POS systems. When using Mako’s PCI-certified network configuration templates, Mako’s PCI reach is unsurpassed.
  • Centralized Logging/Reporting
    • Using a patented communications protocol, the Mako 6600‐M securely connects to the Central Management System (CMS), providing data that is used to generate easy-to-understand graphical reports. Real-time information about the network, including cellular and broadband data use by site, user and timeframe, intrusion attempts, Internet traffic records, estate-wide network status and much more is available to authorized users 24×7.
  • User-defined WAN failover
    • The Mako 6600‐M’s WAN interfaces can be configured to fail over from one another in the event of failure through seamless connectivity that won’t even drop a live voice call should a network connection drop. These fast, flexible failover options offer businesses continuity in the case of unexpected interruptions while also providing high availability at a business‐friendly cost. Combine fixed‐line connections with single or dual SIM LTE in any connection order or failover pattern your business needs.
  • Embedded Wireless
    • The Mako 6600‐M features single or dual‐band wireless on b/g/n and ac standards for customer hotspots or general business use, supporting up to eight wireless SSIDs per appliance.
  • Mako VPN Cloud makes creating virtual private networks easy
    • Connect retail or remote locations to head offices, data centers or third- party vendors easily. Choose the amount of resiliency and redundancy your business needs. Mako VPN Cloud supports circuit, hardware and geographic redundancy, allowing your Mako 6600-M appliance to deliver fast, reliable VPN connectivity across any combination of broadband circuit types. Remote locations connected by Mako appliances can be linked in seconds by three easy mouse clicks in the CMS, all without requiring static IP addresses. Each Mako 6600‐M can simultaneously link up to 50 external VPNs
  • Simple troubleshooting
    • In addition to CMS troubleshooting diagnostic tools, a color‐coded LED panel on the Mako 6600‐M provides Internet and network connection information at a glance. For non‐technical users, this makes it easy to quickly diagnose network issues.
  • Flexible connection options
    • Mako 6600‐M appliances provide WAN connectivity via LTE, Ethernet, fiber or xDSL at up to 1Gbit transfer speeds. No matter what technology your business uses to connect to the Internet, Mako can support and protect it.
  • Quick & easy to deploy
    • Like all Mako appliances, the 6600‐M allows for zero touch deployment by automatically receiving site-specific configuration information from the Mako CMS via the cloud. Remote sites can get up and running quickly and easily, even when running on LTE-only broadband.

Mako-Security SW 1GB Data

Your solution Mako – Wireless Unlimited/1GB Data Plan Solutions includes Mako-Security SW 1GB Data.

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