M2M in Motion – Basic Package

Vehicle Tracking Basic Package

Product Terms

Base Price $55.00
1 Time Hardware Cost $35.00
Monthly Subscription Fee $20.00
$55.00 Total before taxes and shipping


Welcome to Fleet Motion

Fleet Motion is an AI-driven fleet management platform that was designed with one person in mind– the customer.

M2M Fleet Motion Basic Package

Fleet Motion is an IoT based fleet platform that will allow any organization to keep track of their vehicles, drivers, assets and whatever else they would like to have intelligence on.

Why M2M

M2M in Motion has developed an IoT Fleet Intelligence platform that has a wide range of functionality that will suit most organizations. The company was founded on 3 points: keep it simple, keep it affordable, and to provide an awesome customer experience.

Fleet Motion has more versatility, allowing managers to pick and choose what data they want represented on their dashboard and throughout the platform. Our AI functionality cuts down on the time having an employee having to monitor and filter unnecessary data. Fleet Motion AI can quickly collect and send the manager what they want to know. This solution allows the manager to drive what data will be represented on the dashboard and throughout the platform using proprietary functions that are unique to Fleet Motion.

  • Fleet & Asset management
  • Vehicle behavior
  • Driver behavior
  • Simple routing
  • Enterprise-level maintenance
  • Geofencing
  • Trailer tracking – with temperature monitoring, door open/close alerts, location reporting, and motion alerts
  • Robust reporting capabilities
  • AI-driven performance metrics
  • Manager-driven dashboard – managers will be able to log onto the platform and pick what data they want featured on their dashboard
  • Equipment Financing available!
Perfect for:
  • Light or Medium Duty vehicle fleets that have OBD2 ports
  • Small (10-100), Medium (100-300), and Enterprise (400+) fleet sizes

M2M - Software Standard

With the M2M Fleet Motion Software you will be able to:

  • Access information from mobile or tablet
  • View comprehensive data on hours of service with GPS and sensor data, ensuring compliance and safety while streamlining daily operations
  • Access Driver Vehicle Inspection Reports that can be easily customizable
  • Automate your IFTA and Roadside Inspection reporting
  • Easily export reports


The LTE CAT-M GPS DEVICE is an in-vehicle installed telematics unit that is designed to provide a wide range of in-vehicle functions.

The M2M in Motion LTE CAT-M GPS device features:
  • A variety of reporting intervals and power conservation profiles that are simple to use
  • Vehicle journey reports based on time, distance, and direction of travel that are easily exported from the device
  • Reports on all vehicle starts and stops, loss of GPS signal, low battery, and input state changes
  • Capability to monitor and act upon and engine diagnostics in real time with a robust set of vehicle tracking features
  • Usage of industry standard CAN bus protocols, the LTE CAT-M GPS DEVICE can be quickly and safely installed on a variety of vehicles
  •  Bluetooth Smart connectivity where the device can connect to any Bluetooth enabled devices

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