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Credit Union Vehicle Tracker Solution - Three years included

Product Terms

Base Price $399.00
1 Time Hardware Cost $0.00
Yearly Subscription Fee $399.00
$399.00 Total before taxes and shipping


Fund loans with greater confidence knowing your assets are protected with our Starter Interrupt feature.
Our simple GPS tracking solution was designed with your needs in mind, giving you access to the tools and intelligence you need to sell more loans while decreasing your delinquencies and repossessions.

CU Trak allows you to pass GPS tracking benefits on to your customer, providing peace of mind by giving them access to our user-friendly mobile apps to monitor their vehicle, with an easy to use system.

Once the device is in the hands of the customer and the three years of service is nearing expiration, we will contact the customer for renewal options on the service and software usage.

It is imperative that the institution input vehicle data accurately (stock #, VIN #, customer info, etc…) this enables us to ensure our customer is happy with their overall service, even after they have left the dealership. After the device is sold to the customer, you (as the institution), use our proprietary software (free two-hour training included) to determine new ownership which will enable us to support our customer for technical inquiries, customer service, and sales.

Banks & Credit Unions Choose CU Trak For:
  • Remote Starter Disable
    Secure assets by remotely disabling the starter, preventing the vehicle from being turned back on until re-enabled
  • User-friendly, Secure Web Portal
    See the status of all assets via company dashboard
  • Efficiently Manage Inventory
    Empower the repossession company with accurate location with the vehicle’s ignition disabled
  • Professional Installation Included
    Our team of professional installers are ready to ensure you have your inventory accounted for and available for profit
  • Hands-on Training
    Free initial training as well as additional training webinars get you trained up and ready to do business right away
  • Backup Battery
    This device includes a backup battery. Even if the vehicle loses power or the device is disconnected, tracking will continue thanks to the internal backup battery.

Marketing Support: Custom Branding and Support Available

CU Trak - Hardware

Installing a device in the vehicle as part of the loan agreement provides security for your organization and enables you to offer financing to more members.

CU Trak Hardware Features:

  • Real-time Tracking – Monitor the locations of your vehicles from anywhere there’s an internet location.
  • Starter Disable – If a driver misses any loan payments, fleet managers can remotely disable the vehicle
  • Backup Battery

CU Trak 3 Year Service

The CU Trak Software features:

  • Real-Time Tracking: Monitor the locations of your vehicles from anywhere there’s an internet connection.
  • Alerts & Reports: Configure a wide variety of alerts and reports. Receive low battery or tow alerts via text or email. Reports can be scheduled to run in several formats and the system can email them to you when they’re done.
  • Driver Behavior: Driving behaviors like rapid acceleration and hard breaking can be monitored. Many auto insurance companies offer discounts when driving behaviors are monitored.
  • Dispatch Drivers: Service businesses can dispatch drivers using the system. Track them as they drive to find the closest unit to answer service calls.

*3 years of service included


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