Cat®S61 Smartphone with Integrated Thermal Imaging

Hyperion - CAT® S61 Thermal Imaging Camera Phone

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Base Price $764.98
1 Time Hardware Cost $749.99
Monthly Subscription Fee $14.99
$764.98 Total before taxes and shipping


The CAT® S61 with Integrated Thermal Imaging Camera enables the detection of hot and cold signatures not visible to the human eye.

The Cat S61 is an initial screening device for triage use. It accurately detects the differential temperature to detect anomalies and can quickly and effectively scan groups with pre-set temperature ranges. It is rapidly deployed and requires minimal training. Easily mount on a tripod and stream image to TV or monitor. It is easy to calibrate to account for ambient temperature, environmental impact.

No other device offers the combination of thermal imaging with the connectivity, flexibility, and capability of a powerful Android 4G LTE smartphone.

The CAT S61 is waterproof and is built to withstand regular vigorous cleaning and exposure to chemicals, bleaches, and detergents:
  • Bleach test with 3000 cycles
  • Alcohol abrasion test with 100 cycles
  • Real-world chemical susceptibility test at 60°F room temperature at 95% humidity
  • Steel wool abrasion tested
  • No additional protective case that can harbor germs

The CAT S61 can also be fully submerged and cleaned in soapy water and/or other available disinfectants.

Solution Features:
  • DROP PROOF – Drop-tested repeatedly onto concrete from a height of 6 feet
  • WATERPROOF – Perfect for damp and wet environments; The device can be fully submerged in liquid up to 1 hour
  • DUSTPROOF  – Use the phone even in the dirtiest & dusty environments
  • SHATTER-RESISTANT – The shatter-resistant screen works with gloves and wet fingers
  • VERSATILE  – The device can handle extreme temperatures from -13°F to 131°F
Recommended for:
  • Commercial & Office Buildings
  • Retail & Grocery Stores
  • Hospitals & Elderly Care Facilities
  • Hotels & Residential Properties
  • Manufacturing & Distribution Centers
  • Schools, Churches, and Community Centers
  • Construction job sites
  • …and many more!


The CAT S61 Phone Does not replace FDA approved medical grade thermometers, Does not determine illness and Is not intended for use in dynamic environments as an initial evaluation tool.


Cat® S61 Thermal Phone

The CAT® S61 features: 
  • Can be used as an initial screening device for triage when used with a second evaluation method (FDA approved thermometer)
  • Is capable of downloading business-critical Android apps developed to complement initial evaluation activities (Alarming, cloud storage of evaluation data, etc.)
  • Can be sanitized using soap and water, hand sanitizer, or detergents (including bleach)
  • Is able to detect temperatures outside pre-defined temperature range in controlled environments with a high degree of accuracy
  • Does not replace FDA approved medical grade thermometers
  • Does not determine illness
  • Is not intended for use in dynamic environments as an initial evaluation tool


The SAF/EST App provides an effective, reliable, and easily deployable thermal screening solution to discern and identify elevated skin temperature. 

All physical materials either radiate or reflect heat, including human skin. Elevated Skin Temperature (EST) is an indicator of potential health issues. Where airborne pathogens are prevalent, social distancing protocols make contact or close proximity solutions high risk.

Thermal cameras operating from a safe distance are well-suited to these scenarios and can be easily deployed. SAF/EST is a mobile application that takes a different approach, developed specifically for use with the CAT® S61 device range with integrated FLIR thermal cameras.

SAF/EST App User Guide

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